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The present study was carried out to determine the occurrence and distribution of the kleptoparasitic bee genus Sphecodes Latreille (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) of Turkey. The material comprises samples collected from various parts of Turkey since the 1960s and certain private collections in Europe. The examination of the material and an overview of the published sources allowed us to reach the conclusion that Sphecodes of Turkey is represented by 33 species. Of these, Sphecodes crassanus Warncke, 1992 and S. Majalis Pérez, 1903 are new records for Turkey as well the Asian continent. Sphecodes alternatus Smith 1853, S. Ephippius (Linnaeus, 1767), S. Gibbus (Linnaeus, 1758), S. Albilabris (Fabricius, 1793), and S. Puncticeps Thomson, 1870 were found to be the most widespread and abundant species occurring throughout the country. On the contrary, S. Armeniacus Warncke 1992, S. Majalis Pérez 1903, S. Niger Hagens 1874, and S. Scabricollis Wesmael 1835 were considered to be the rarest species, recorded from just one locality each. New localities for the inspected material are given to make a contribution to the knowledge about the distribution patterns of the species. As a kleptoparasitic genus, the known host records of Sphecodes were also included. Although species of the genus Sphecodes only forage for nectar on flowers and do not collect pollen, the plant species visited were also added if available.


Sphecodes, kleptoparasitic, Halictidae, new records, fauna, hosts, Turkey

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