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This paper provides both the results of a comprehensive research study on trichodinid parasites of several fish species and a review of current trichodinid fauna of fish species revealed during parasitological survey studies in Turkey. The present study yielded 1 Tripartiella, 1 Paratrichodina, and 8 Trichodina identified to the species level and 3 Trichodina identified to the generic level in 12 fish species belonging to several families; their host preferences and infestation indices have also been presented. As a result of fish parasite investigations, a total of 33 trichodinid species have been identified on 30 fish species in Turkey. Considering the total number of 850 marine and freshwater fish species present in the Turkish fauna, the present data on the trichodinid fauna of fishes in the Lower Kızılırmak Delta and the literature studies conducted so far clearly point out the necessity of conducting more investigations on unexamined fish species to attain a more complete picture throughout all Turkish waters. The bioindicator potential of trichodinid parasites will also provide clues for the current status of aquatic environments.


Trichodinid parasites, fish, checklist, Turkey

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