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Empirical standard weight equations and length-weight and length-length relationships were estimated for Barbus pergamonensis, Capoeta bergamae, and Ladigesocypris irideus, three endemic cyprinid species of Turkey that are still not widely studied. To the best knowledge of the authors, empirical standard weight equations for the three species and L-W parameters for L. İrideus are given here for the first time. In this study, length and weight data for B. Pergamonensis, C. Bergamae, and L. İrideus were collected throughout the watercourses of Muğla Province and were used to develop species-specific Ws equations. The results were for B. Pergamonensis (total length [TL] range: 6-22 cm) log10Ws= -5.713 + 3.718 log10TL - 0.166 (log10TL)2, for C. Bergamae (TL range: 8-29 cm) log10Ws= -5.224 + 3.311 log10TL - 0.083 (log10TL)2, and for L. İrideus (TL range: 6-10 cm) log10Ws= -13.298 + 12.116 log10TL - 2.471 (log10TL)2. This study also reported new maximum TLs for the three species, together with species-specific length-weight and length-length equations.


Condition indices, endemic species, Muğla Province, relative weight, EmP method

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