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Interstitial and phytal harpacticoid fauna of the mediolittoral zone of the Dilek Peninsula within the border of Aydın Province in Turkey was investigated. Harpacticoid copepods were collected from 7 different localities between 2012 and 2013. As a result, a total of 78 species and subspecies belonging to 48 genera in 18 families were determined. In terms of species richness, the family Miraciidae ranked first with 17 species, followed by Ameiridae with 12 species; Laophontidae with 11 species; Ectinosomatidae with 6 species; Dactylopusiidae, Harpacticidae, Paramesochridae, and Tisbidae with 4 species each; Arenopontiidae and Thalestridae with 3 species each; Peltidiidae and Tetragonicipitidae with 2 species each; and Canthocamptidae, Darcythompsoniidae, Latiremidae, Louriniidae, Parastenheliidae, and Porcellidiidae with 1 species each. Based on the published records, it has been determined that the families Darcythompsoniidae, Peltidiidae, and Porcellidiidae, and hence their genera and species, as well as 24 other species and 1 subspecies, are recorded here for the first time from the Turkish seas. On the other hand, all identified taxa are new records for the study area. In addition, 8 species and 1 subspecies (Ameira tenuicornis, Psyllocamptus tahuesensis, Harpacticus aff. Obscurus, Harpacticus pacificus, Laophonte plana, Laophonte lignosa, Paramesochra helgolandica, Phyllopodopsyllus gracilipes, and Scutellidium longicaudum acheloides) are recorded for the first time from the Mediterranean Sea.


Fauna, Harpacticoida, Dilek Peninsula, Mediterranean Sea

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