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The systematic position of the endemic Madagascan genus Amberiana Dist. İs studied using DNA sequences (the mitochondrial 12S rDNA subunit) for the first time. The phylogenetic relationships within the superfamily Pentatomoidea were computed using neighbor-joining, maximum parsimony, minimum evolution, and maximum likelihood methods, as well as Bayesian estimation. All results based on the mtDNA analyses stand in contrast with previous morphological data. The mtDNA analysis showed close relationships of the genus Amberiana to the genus Sehirus (Cydnidae: Sehirinae) and to species of the family Parastrachiidae, whereas the morphology indicated that the genus was a typical representative of the family Dinidoridae. A new tribe, Amberianini trib. Nov., is proposed for the genus Amberiana. Furthermore, a key to all tribes of the subfamily Dinidoridae is provided with their diagnostic characters and included genera.


Amberiana, Amberianini new tribe, Cydnidae, Dinidoridae, Madagascar, mitochondrial 12S ribosomal DNA, Parastrachiidae, Pentatomoidea, Sehirus, systematic position

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