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A synopsis is provided of the parasites of common carp Cyprinus carpio L. From water bodies of Turkey based on literature data from 1964 to 2014. In total, 45 studies were included in the review and these provided data from 41 water bodies, comprising 12 man-made reservoirs, 21 natural lakes, and 8 water courses. Forty-one different taxa (including molluscan Glochidium sp.) in total were recorded. Of these taxa, 2 had not been previously reviewed for Turkey, and 4 were excluded from the list because of dubious identification. The Turkish parasite fauna of common carp living under natural conditions was dominated by ciliates (Ciliophora) among the protozoans and by flatworms (Platyhelminthes) among the metazoans, and this was both in terms of occurrence on fish and across water bodies. The absence of 7 taxa from both the European and North American checklists can be explained by the location of Turkey at the frontier between Asia and Europe. Additionally, the parasite fauna of the common carp in Turkey was consistently different from that of the far eastern species' specimens. Lack of differences among water bodies in both taxon richness and composition indicates overall homogeneity, likely a result of the species' relatively long-term establishment across the region. It is suggested that management options could benefit from this level of homogeneity.


Ciliophora, Platyhelminthes, Anatolia, parasite richness

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