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An updated checklist of the species of Turkish Raphidioptera and further analysis concerning their zoogeographical distribution are presented in this study. The present checklist has been based on studies from the literature and includes records from extensive material that I have identified over the last few years. The Turkish Raphidioptera presently comprises 40 species in 8 genera and 2 families. There are 38 species of Raphidiidae, while there are only 2 species of Inocelliidae in Turkey. Among these species, 19 species are recorded as endemic and the endemism rate is 47.5%. Distributions of these species within Turkey are given according to data provided from 81 provinces of the country. Three species have been known only from the type locality, whereas the other species have been recorded from various parts of the country. Analyses of the species of Turkish snakeflies were based on their origins. The faunal assemblage is represented by 28 taxa from Mediterranean, 8 species from Pontocaspian, 2 species from Syrian, 1 species from Cyprio-Syrian, and 1 species from Euro-Siberian elements in the Turkish fauna. Mediterranean subregion species are the most dominant constituents representing characteristic features of the fauna (70%), and 8 species are widely distributed in the Pontocaspian subregion (20%). The elements of the Mediterranean subregion of Turkey's fauna are represented by 4 groups: 20 taxa from Anatolopontomediterranean, 6 species from Balkanopontomediterranean, and 2 species from Pontomediterranean faunal elements. Taxa are arranged hierarchically under the categories of family, genus, subgenus, and species. The addition of examined material turns this manuscript into an original contribution on the Turkish fauna, with new records of species of Raphidioptera in some provinces. The investigated specimens, of 40 in total, belong to 15 species. First records are 16, concerning 9 species and 11 provinces.


Raphidioptera, checklist, zoogeography, endemism, Turkey

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