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Raptors can be parasitized by numerous helminth species due to their feeding behavior. When the parasite load is high, the bird's life can be affected. A total of 21 common buzzards, Buteo buteo, from different districts of Bursa, in Northwest Turkey, were examined for helminth infections. The results of the postmortem examination revealed that 15 of 21 buzzards (71.43%) harbored 1 or more helminth species. Seven species/genera of helminths were detected at the following prevalence rates: ascarid larvae (47.62%), Strigea falconis (38.09%), Neodiplostomum attenuatum (33.33%), Cladotaenia globifera (14.29%), Centrorhynchus amphibius (14.29%), Physaloptera alata (9.52%), and Synhimantus laticeps (4.76%). The most common helminth species was S. falconis, which was found in the small intestine of its hosts. This study is the first report to describe the presence of N. attenuatum, S. falconis, C. globifera, P. alata, and C. amphibius in the common buzzards of Turkey. This study is also the first to report the presence of S. laticeps in common buzzards, although this helminth had been previously reported in a sparrow hawk in Turkey.


Helminths, common buzzard, Buteo buteo, Turkey

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