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This work is a contribution to the knowledge of the Ephemeroptera (Insecta) fauna of the central Balkan Peninsula. A total of 85 mayfly species (31 genera and 12 families) were reported. The largest number of mayfly species was recorded within the Ju?na and Zapadna Morava river basins, while the lowest taxa richness was observed within the Sava basin. The highest diversity was observed in hilly mountainous regions due to the general environmental requirements of the majority of mayfly taxa, as well as the distribution of anthropogenic stress. Lowland areas have been more exposed to different stress factors that could reduce mayfly taxa richness in comparison to the hilly mountainous region located south of the Danube and Sava rivers. Compared with species richness in neighbouring countries, the expected mayfly diversity for Serbia is certainly higher; it has been estimated that over 100 taxa should occur in different types of aquatic ecosystems.


Ephemeroptera, mayfly larvae, distribution, Serbia

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