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We studied the unusual wintering records of some rare pipit species during winter in Hatay Province, in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Through intensive field observations performed between 2007 and 2013, 8 pipit species were recorded in the province. Among the observations, 59 were unusual wintering records belonging to 5 pipit species. In this article, we present observations on frequency and seasonality of each pipit species observed in Hatay Province. Meadow, water, and red-throated pipits were already known as winter visitors to the region, but for the first time in this study, we observed buff-bellied, Richard's, tree, tawny, and Blyth's pipits in Hatay Province during winter. In light of our observations, we suggest that all 5 species-especially buff-bellied, Richard's, and tree pipits-might be regular winter visitors to Hatay.


Anthus spp., Aves, Eastern Mediterranean, Hatay, pipits, Turkey, unusual wintering records

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