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In this study, age estimation using skeletochronology was done in 43 specimens (6 males, 29 females, 8 juv.) of Anatololacerta anatolica living in the vicinity of Çanakkale. When the cross-sections taken from phalanges were examined, the median age for the Çanakkale population was 4 years. The maximum age was calculated as 10 years for female individuals, and the maximum snout-vent length (SVL) of female individuals was measured as 74.18 mm. The mean SVL was 57.39 (SD = 4.6) mm for males and 63.62 (SD = 8.62) mm for females. The age at sexual maturity was determined as 3 years for both sexes of this species. As a result of correlation analysis, a strong correlation was found for both males (r: 0.845) and females (r: 0.886) in terms of age and SVL. These specimens were also examined for morphological properties and pholidosis characters.

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