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We studied karyotype and chromosomal characteristics of 3 species of five-toed jerboa from central Iran, including Allactaga firouzi, A. williamsi, and A. elater. This study revealed that the 3 species possessed a diploid number of 48 chromosomes. The first pair of chromosomes was significantly larger than other chromosomes in all 3 species. The total length of the haploid genome of Allactaga elater was longer than those of the other 2 species, and most of the chromosomes of the 3 species were metacentric. Based on total form percentage, interchromosomal asymmetry index, and centromeric index, Allactaga elater had the highest interchromosomal asymmetry. Allactaga firouzi showed the highest between-chromosomal symmetry based on the difference of range of relative length, coefficient of variability, and intrachromosomal asymmetry index. Cluster analysis showed that A. firouzi and A. williamsi have more affinity than previously thought.


Dipodidae, Allactaga firouzi, Allactaga elater, Allactaga williamsi, karyotype, chromosomal characteristics, Isfahan

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