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This study was carried out in order to determine aphid species in the Inner Western Anatolian Subregion of Turkey. Nineteen aphid species are reported as new to the Turkish aphid fauna. These species are Aphis eryngiiglomerata Bozhko, 1963; Aphis glareosae Bozhko, 1959; Capitophorus eniwanus Miyazaki, 1971; Chaitophorus indicus A.K. Ghosh, M.R. Ghosh & D.N. Raychaudhuri, 1970; Chaitophorus ramicola (Börner, 1949); Cinara indica Verma, 1970; Cinara juniperensis (Gillette & Palmer, 1925); Cinara oxycedri Binazzi, 1996; Cinara setosa (Börner, 1950); Eulachnus thunbergii Wilson, 1919; Hyadaphis passerinii (Del Guercio, 1911); Mindarus kinseyi Voegtlin, 1995; Myzus padellus Hille Ris Lambers & Rogerson, 1946; Phylloxera quercina (Ferrari, 1872); Rhopalosiphum rufulum Richards, 1960; Schizaphis dubia Huculak, 1968; Schizolachnus orientalis (Takahashi, 1924); Tiliaphis shinjii Higuchi, 1972; and Tuberculatus borealis (Krzywiec, 1971). Among these, 5 species are invasive to the Turkish aphidofauna. It is not surprising that new records and invasive species would be added to the Turkish aphid fauna due to Turkey's special floristic composition and various geographical and climatic features.


Aphid, Anatolia, invasive, new records, Turkey

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