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The morphometric and meristic characters of 2 F_2 hybrid striped bass (M. chrysops female × M. saxatilis male × M. chrysops female × M. saxatilis male) from the family Moronidae are described. Two specimens were caught from Kemer Dam Lake. The body of the F_2 hybrid striped bass was elongated, moderately compressed, and scaly. Dorsal surface and sides were silver and black to olive-gray, and the abdomen was white in color. Four or 5 longitudinal broken stripes ran above the lateral line to the caudal fin. The stripes were less visible behind the pectoral fins and below the lateral line. The bodies of the F_2 specimens were deeper than 1/4 the fork length. The 2 dorsal fins were separated entirely. The first dorsal fin had 8-9 spines, and the second dorsal fin had a spine and 13-14 soft rays. The caudal fin was slightly forked. The anal fin had 3 spines with 12-14 soft rays. One tooth patch was present on the anterior of the tongue. According to our results, the fish were F_2 hybrid striped bass offspring of F_1 hybrid striped bass, which can reproduce naturally in Turkey. Morphological criteria showed that the F_2 hybrids tended to resemble white bass (M. chrysops).


F_2 progeny, hybrid reproduction, hybrid striped bass, Kemer Dam Lake, Morone sp.

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