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Very few cases of teratological specimens, i.e. specimens displaying morphological abnormalities, have been cited among Platygastridae and Pteromalidae. From the Platygastridae we present 5 cases of symphysocery [A8-A9 in Metaclisis sp.; A3-A5 and A7-A9 in Sceliomorpha sp.; A5-A6 in Scelio sp. 1; A9-A10 in Idris sp., and a completely modified antenna in Gryon monspeliense (Picard 1924)]; a helicomery in Opisthacantha sp.; a hypertrophied interantennal prominence and central keel in Triteleia peyerimhoffi (Kieffer 1906); a schistocery concerning A5 in Apegus sp.; and a gynandromorph specimen of Scelio sp. 2. In the Pteromalidae we found 2 cases of symphysocery in Systasis parvula (Thomson 1876) (A4-A5 and A5-A9) and 1 in Pteromalus sp. (A8-A10); 1 case of hypertrophy concerning the antennomeres in S. parvula (A5) and 1 in Norbanus africanus Subba Rao 1973 (A6-A8); 1 case of cyclopy and head asymmetry in N. africanus; and 1 petiole asymmetry in Sphegigaster sp.


Parasitoid, Platygastridae, Pteromalidae, morphological abnormality, asymmetry, cyclopy, schistocery, symphysocery, helicomery, hypertrophy

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