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In commercial astaciculture, Diceratocephala boschmai is known to be an ectosymbiont temnocephalid that is widely distributed on Cherax spp., freshwater crayfish native to Australia. This study makes the first report of D. boschmai in samples collected from C. destructor from crayfish farms in Thailand. A description of its internal anatomy is given, and its topographic surface is described using scanning electron microscopy. The phylogeny of D. boschmai in the Rhabdocoela was analyzed for the first time based on 18S ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequences. Based on the 18S rDNA sequences, temnocephalids, including D. boschmai, are monophyletic within Rhabdocoela. The congruence between molecular data and morphological information is discussed in the text. The findings reported in the present study add to the body of knowledge on temnocephalids.


Diceratocephala boschmai, Cherax destructor, topographic surface, 18S rDNA, Thailand

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