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A total of 625 fish belonging to 25 fish species were collected from the coastal areas of the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey and were examined for fish parasites. The number of specimens of fish parasites collected included 242 digeneans (23 Anisocoelium capitellatum, 12 Anisocladium gracile, 50 Anisocladium fallax, 1 Stephanostomum minutum, 131 Helicometra fasciata, and 25 Lecithochirium musculus) and 517 cestodes (437 Grillotia erinaceus, 79 Progrillotia dasyatidis, and 1 Scolex pleuronectis). New published records for parasite fauna of Turkey included G. erinaceus, A. gracile, S. minutum, and L. musculus, while A. capitellatum, A. fallax, H. fasciata, P. dasyatidis, and S. pleuronectis were recorded for the first time along the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Infection rates, hosts, and the exact locations in the hosts are listed for each parasite.


Turkey, Black Sea, teleost, Digenea, Cestoda

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