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The Helconinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) species recorded from Turkey as of the end of 2012 are listed. The total number of species was determined as 10. Changes in comparison to the previous Turkish fauna are briefly annotated and the distributions for all species in each of the 68 biogeographical provinces are presented. After the publication of our previous fauna, 8 species belonging 2 genera have been recorded as new to Turkey. Subsequent studies reported 10 Diospilini species for the fauna, among which 7 species are distributed only in Asian Turkey and 3 species are distributed in both Asian and European Turkey. The presented checklist covers synonyms, zoogeographical region(s), hosts, host plants of host species, and parasitoid data for the species. Diospilus angorensis Beyarslan sp. nov. is described and its diagnostic characters are illustrated and compared with related Diospilini species in a key.


Hymenoptera, Braconinae, Helconinae, Diospilini, checklist, Diospilus angorensis, new records, Turkey

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