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This work attempted to evaluate the rotifer species diversity indices of Camp Balloki Water Park and infer the state of the water according to rotifers and physicochemical parameters. The diversity indices, species richness, and evenness were assessed every month. The Shannon–Weaver index indicated that this habitat had great diversity of rotifers throughout the year. These results were supported by the Simpson dominance, diversity, and reciprocal indices. Water and plankton samples were taken monthly from January 2006 to December 2006. In total, 38 rotifer species of 20 genera and 13 families were identified. Brachionus, Lecane, and Trichocerca dominated the locality. Rotifer density was positively correlated with water temperature and conductivity. However, negative correlation was observed with pH, dissolved oxygen, and total hardness. ANOVA expressed statistically significant differences in all of the physicochemical parameters of water from January to December. Hierarchical cluster analysis of variables showed that temporal differences were present in the rotifer community, which may be seasonal in nature.


Shannon–Weaver index, Simpson index, species richness, species evenness, rotifers, cluster analysis

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