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A new species of Barrussus, Barrussus telescopus sp. nov., is described from the Bolkar Mountains in southern Turkey. Males have an extremely elongated and bar-shaped ocular tubercule extended anteriorly between their eyes, which is the longest projecting ocular tubercule among all known males of Barrussus. The ocular tubercule of females has a short conical projection. Cheliceral movable fingers of type specimens have 5 anteriorly situated small teeth. Males have club-shaped ctenidia on the 4th and blunt-ended tubular ctenidia on the 5th opisthosomal sternites. The female has no ctenidia on its 4th opisthosomal sternite, with ctenidia on the 5th opisthosomal sternite similar to that in males. Ctenidia of the 5th opisthosomal sternite are pointed apically in the female, blunt in the male. The female possesses a hump-like projection on the metapeltidium, which is only known from females of B. telescopus sp. nov. within all known females of Barrussus. The new species is differentiated from B. pentheri (Werner, 1905) and B. furcichelis Roewer, 1928.


Solifugae, Karschiidae, Barrussus telescopus, new species, Turkey, Bolkar Mountains, Niğde, morphology

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