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We used 33 blind mole rats belonging to 10 different chromosomal races from 10 localities in western Turkey. We applied G- and C-banding techniques to compare chromosomal races as well as clarifying relationships between them. We discussed cytogenetic similarities and differences between chromosomal races. We concluded that 2n = 60C is the ancestor of the other chromosomal races. However, as a result of ongoing evolution processes 2n = 38 and 2n = 60K have become ancestors to chromosomal races on their peripherals. We discovered which rearrangements contribute to the evolution of such a complex chromosomal race system in a genus. With this study we provide a comprehensive comparison of the 10 chromosomal races and perform a cladistic analysis using chromosomal rearrangement character states. According to our tree, chromosomal races with a low diploid number formed a monophyletic group.


Blind mole rat, comparative cytogenetic, G- and C-banding, chromosome differentiation, phylogeny, Anatolia

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