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The morphology, ciliature, and silverline system of a new ciliate, Frontonia anatolica n. sp., isolated from the bottom sediment of the eastern shore of Lake Van, a large alkaline lake in Eastern Anatolia Turkey, were investigated using live and silver impregnation methods. Frontonia anatolica n. sp. is characterised by an elliptical body shape; by an in-vivo body size of 101-134 x 47-67 \mum; by dorsoventral flattening of about 2:3 to 1:2; by 2 contractile vacuoles located in the anterior and posterior body parts, each with 6-7 collecting canals and 1 excretory pore; by about 93 somatic kineties; by 3 vestibular and 3-5 postoral kineties; and by peniculi 1 and 2 each having 4 ciliary rows, and peniculus 3 having 2 ciliary rows.

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