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The suid remains from localities 58-HAY-2 and 58-HAY-19 in the Late Miocene Derindere Member of the İncesu Formation in the Hayranlı-Haliminhanı area (Sivas, Turkey) are described and referred to as Microstonyx major (Gervais, 1848-1852). Microstonyx shows changes in incisor morphology, which are interpreted as a further adaptation to rooting. This occurred probably in a short period between 8.7 and 8.121 Ma ago and possibly is a reaction to environmental change. The incisor morphology in locality 58-HAY-2 suggests that it is temporally close to this change, which would imply that this locality and the lithostratigraphically lower 58-HAY-19 belong to the lower part of MN11 and not to MN12. The findings are discussed in the regional context and contribute to the knowledge of the Anatolian fossil mammals.


Suidae, Microstonyx, rooting, ecology, Late Miocene

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