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The Thysanoptera fauna of the Lakes Region of Turkey was studied in 1990-1992. A total of 3173 specimens from 397 samples were examined. The study revealed 74 Thysanoptera species and 45 of them are new records for the region. Three genera, namely Bregmatothrips Hood, Eremiothrips Priesner, and Iridothrips Priesner; and 5 species, namely Bregmatothrips dimorphus (Priesner), Eremiothrips dubius (Priesner), Eremiothrips taghizadehi (zur Strassen), Iridothrips iridis (Watson), and Mycterothrips annulicornis (Uzel) are new records for the Turkish fauna. The previously unknown male (allotype) of Rhipidothrips flavus Tunç was discovered and described. The most common and abundant species, with the number of samples-specimens they were represented by, were Thrips meridionalis (Priesner) (92-437), Thrips tabaci Lindeman (137-412), and Haplothrips reuteri (Trybom) (130-489). Among the others, Aeolothrips collaris Priesner (48-130), Aeolothrips intermedius Bagnall (73-189), Melanthrips pallidior Priesner (39-124), Chirothrips manicatus Haliday (39-148), Tenothrips frici (Uzel) (36-160), and Haplothrips tritici Kurdjumov (46-168) were more frequent and abundant.


Thysanoptera, thrips, Lakes Region, Turkey

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