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In this study, the histopathological changes caused by Montivipera xanthina venom to rat skin, skeletal muscle, and liver tissue were analysed by light microscope. The venom (approximately 2.85 mg/kg) was injected intramuscularly into the gastrocnemius muscle of the rats. The animals were dissected 1, 3, and 6 h after the injection time, and tissue samples were taken. Sections 5 µm thick were taken from paraffin blocks of tissue samples, and the sections were stained with haematoxylin and eosin in order to facilitate examination by light microscope. Examinations showed no damage to the epidermis layer of skin. However, damage to the dermis layer, including oedema, haemorrhage, local bleeding, rare inflammatory cells, strong cell infiltration with mixed characteristics, inflammation around the veins, and fat necrosis, was detected. The damage observed in muscular tissue was myonecrosis, mixed character cell infiltration, haemorrhage, and the formation of inclusion on myofibrils. The liver tissue revealed sinusoidal congestion and hepatocellular degeneration.


Montivipera xanthina, histopathology, venom, skin, skeletal muscle, liver

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