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Graecoanatolica Radoman, 1973 is a remarkable genus of Hydrobiidae, recognized with its disjunct distribution between Macedonia, Greece (Thessaly), and Turkey (Lakes Region). However, the current distribution of the genus is restricted to Turkey, as the 2 Balkan species have been declared extinct. In this study, a taxonomic revision of the Graecoanatolica species in Turkey is presented. Among 6 previously recognized species, G. conica Radoman, 1973 and G. brevis Radoman, 1973 from the provinces of Denizli and Burdur are determined to be extinct. G. anatolica (Schütt, 1965) comb. nov. is transferred to the genus and G. dinarica sp. nov. is described as new. Morphological, anatomical, and distributional information about all species distributed in Turkey is given, and an identification key to the species is provided. In the light of the paleogeographical and zoogeographical data available, determining factors of the distribution of the genus are discussed and notes on the ecology of the extant species are presented.


Hydrobiidae, Graecoanatolica dinarica, new species, Turkey

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