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Some aspects concerning the reproduction, growth, and population dynamics of Plesionika martia were studied. Individuals were collected monthly between May 2008 and April 2009 during surveys conducted using a commercial trawl vessel. Samples were collected from Sığacık Bay (Aegean Sea, eastern Mediterranean) at depths ranging from 494 to 550 m. A total of 2110 individuals (766 males and 1344 females) were caught during these monthly surveys. The carapace length (CL) of the males ranged from 12.4 to 22.1 mm, and in females the CL ranged between 11.5 and 24.9 mm. The values of both CL and weight in females consistently exceeded that of males throughout the year. Although ovigerous females were observed throughout the year, the main reproductive period is suggested to be from May to December. In all groups examined, the values of allometric coefficient b were less than 3. Estimates of the Von Bertalanffy growth parameters were L_¥ = 26.25 mm and k = 0.38 year^{-1} in females, and L_¥ = 23.63 mm and k = 0.49 year^{-1} in males.


Biological aspects, Plesionika martia, Sığacık Bay, Aegean Sea, eastern Mediterranean

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