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Piaroa guipongai sp. nov. is described based on specimens found in a secondary forest in the department of Tolima, Colombia, representing the third species of Piaroa Villarreal, Giupponi & Tourinho, 2008, and the first from this country. It shares with P. virichaj Villarreal, Giupponi & Tourinho, 2008 the shape and size of the male flagellum and the presence of a conspicuous ventral tubercle in the femur; however, like P. bijagua Armas & Víquez, 2009, it has a larger guard tooth on the chelicerae. When captured, the male holotype emitted an acetic acid secretion, as was previously observed with only 2 other schizomid species. With the addition of this species, the number of Piaroa species is raised to 3, with 5 schizomid species currently known from Colombia.

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