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Acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus laevis specimens are reported in Alburnus baliki and Capoeta antalyensis caught between May and July of 2009 in streams discharging into Antalya Bay. The total prevalence rate for P. laevis was 78.5% and 60% in A. baliki and C. antalyensis, respectively. A total of 28 A. baliki were caught, and 74 P. laevis were recorded in 22 of the 28 fish examined. As for the occurrence of P. laevis in C. antalyensis, a total of 15 fish were caught, and a total of 25 individuals were found in 9 of the 15 fish examined. This finding constitutes the first record of this helminth parasite in either fish species, and the host fishes represent 2 new host records for P. laevis.

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