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The Orthoptera and Mantodea fauna of Kazdağı National Park (Balıkesir) were investigated. Field studies were conducted between 2004 and 2005. During this study, 34 species of Orthoptera (16 Tettigoniidae, 1 Oecanthidae, 2 Pamphagidae, 1 Tetrigidae, and 14 Acrididae) and 3 species of Mantodea were investigated. Isophya cania, Poecilimon luschani egrigozi, Anadolua schwarzi, Rhacocleis acutangula (Tettigoniidae), Paranocaracris rubripes burri (Pamphagidae), and one recently described species, Chorthippus (Glyptobothrus) kazdaghensis (Acrididae), are endemic taxa. Metrioptera (Broughtonia) arnoldi,, known from the Balkan fauna until now, is a new record for Turkish fauna. The calling songs of Metrioptera arnoldi, Rhacocleis acutangula, Anadolua schwarzi, Isophya cania, and Poecilimon luschani are described here for the first time. The recordings of the some species are also given along with habitat observations and altitudinal distribution. From a zoogeographical perspective, Kazdağı holds both Balkan fauna elements as well as those typical of Mediterranean-Anatolian fauna.


Fauna, bioacoustics, Kazdağı, Orthoptera, Mantodea, biogeography, Turkey

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