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The length-weight relationship for both sexes of 21 fish species caught in Argolikos Gulf (central Aegean Sea, eastern Mediterranean), using a variety of fishing gear, was estimated for the first time. Fishing took place between August 2007 and August 2008, and the fishing gear used included gill and trammel nets, long lines, and beach seines from 58 inshore fishing vessels. Individuals caught by trammel nets were usually longer and heavier than those collected by other fishing gear. The allometric coefficient (b) for the majority of species (59%) was statistically significantly higher than 3.0, indicating positive allometry between length and weight in most species. The data obtained in the present study could serve as a useful tool in future studies in the wider study area and as a future reference for comparisons of similar parameters estimated in other Mediterranean areas.


Argolikos Gulf, fishing gear, growth, allometry

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