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Mole rats have adapted to living underground and have a wide range chromosomal variation in Turkey, ranging between 2n = 36 and 2n = 60. This study was performed on the subterranean mole rats of the Nannospalax nehringi (Nehring, 1898), sampled around Çankırı and Çorum provinces in central Anatolia, and the karyotypes of 91 specimens across 38 localities were analyzed. Different chromosomal forms that have the same 2n values were assigned letters according to their geographic locations in Turkey: C for central forms, N for northern forms, S for southern forms, E for eastern forms, and W for western forms. It was determined that N. nehring has 2n = 54C, NF = 74; 2n = 56N, NF = 72; 2n = 58N, NF = 74, and 2 different forms of 2n = 60 (NF = 78, NF = 82) in these areas. This study filled the gaps in distribution of blind mole rat chromosomal forms around Çankırı and Çorum provinces. The distribution areas of 2n = 54C, 56N, 58N, and 60 forms in the area were brought to light.


Rodentia, Spalacidae, Nannospalax nehringi, karyotype, Turkey

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