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The world species of Bootanomyia Girault (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea, Torymidae) are reviewed. Nine species are transferred from Megastigmus to Bootanomyia as new combinations: B. almusiensis (Doğanlar, 1989), B. dorsalis (Fabricius 1789), B. dumicola (Boucek 1982), B. habui (Kamijo, 1962), B. maculipennis (Yasumatsu and Kamijo, 1979), B. nipponicus (Yasumatsu and Kamijo, 1979), B. stigmatizans (Fabricious 1789), B. synophri (Mayr 1874), and B. zhaoi (Xu & He, 2003). Megastigmus bohemanii Ratzeburg, 1848 is reinstated as a species from synonymy under M. dorsalis Fabricius and transferred to Bootanomyia as B. bohemanii (Ratzeburg, 1848) (comb. and status n.). Seven species are described as new species: B. balikesirensis, B. emrezaferi, B. hepdurgunae, B. mehmeti, B. onuri, B. saragoldae, and B. shebnemae. An identification key for the world species of Bootanomyia is provided. Species of Bootanomyia are recorded as parasitoids of insect gall inducers in several plant parts.

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