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Age, growth, and reproduction of the large-scaled gurnard were studied in the central Aegean Sea to provide fisheries managers with the essential data for science-based management. A total of 2342 samples were collected by trawl hauls between July 2004 and June 2007 from İzmir Bay (Turkey). The size of the samples ranged from 3.4 to 15.2 cm total length and the samples were composed of 35.2% females, 25.7% males and 39.1% immature individuals, with a female to male ratio of 1:0.73. The length-weight relationship was calculated as W = 0.0086L^{3.16} for all samples. The age composition of the samples was from I to VI and the estimated von Bertalanffy growth parameters were L_{\infinity} = 15.96 cm, W_{\infinity} = 54.35 g, t_o = -0.018 year, and k = 0.483 year^{-1}, with a growth performance index of 2.09 (\varphi^'). Reproduction started in February and continued to June. The total fecundity ranged from 503 to 10,046 oocytes/female and showed a significant correlation with fish length and weight. The size at first maturity was estimated at 10.55 cm total length and the maturity age was found to be 2-year-old in both sexes.


Large-scaled gurnard, Lepidotrigla cavillone, age, growth, reproduction, Aegean Sea.

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