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The occurrence of epizoic ciliates on the juvenile flounder, Platichthys flesus L., 1758, collected monthly by fishing net in Sinop's Sarıkum Lagoon Lake during the period from May 2003 to April 2004, was investigated. Five epizoic ciliate species, Trichodina jadranica (Raabe, 1958) Haider, 1964; Trichodina domerguei Wallengren, 1897; Riboscyphidia sp.; Ambiphrya sp.; and Vorticella sp., were found after examination of 296 juvenile flounder. Among these, T. jadranica was the dominant species. The prevalence and mean intensity values of the 5 epizoic ciliates were given as pooled data for 2 groups, namely mobiline ciliates and sessiline ciliates. Mobiline ciliates were commonly found on the gills of juvenile flounders, whereas sessiline ciliates were found only on fins. The highest prevalence and mean intensity levels of mobiline ciliates were recorded in the winter and spring seasons. Sessiline ciliates were absent in winter. The largest-sized juvenile flounder among the established 6 length classes had a higher intensity of mobiline ciliates. This study is the first on the epizoic ciliate fauna present on the juvenile flounder in Turkey. While T. jadranica is a new parasite record, the juvenile flounder is a new host record for T. domerguei in Turkey.


Flounder, Platichthys flesus, epizoic, trichodinids, sessiline ciliates

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