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This research was carried out to determine the macrobenthic crustacean species associated with mixed eelgrass beds (Zostera marina and Z. noltii) occurring in the upper-infralittoral zone of the Sinop peninsula coast (the southern Black Sea, Turkey) and their bioecolological features. From June 2004 to April 2005, investigations were seasonally performed at the depths of 2-4 m at 6 different stations chosen on the Sinop peninsula coast. As a result of the study, a total of 7057 individuals belonging to 55 species and 6 orders were identified. Amphipoda was the dominant group in terms of number of species (63% of the total of orders) and number of individuals (83% of the total individuals). Among these, Ampelisca pseudospinimana had the highest dominance value with up to 1902 specimens (approximately 27%). However, Isopoda accounted for 47% of the total biomass. The species that have the highest individual biomass was isopod, Idotea balthica (35% of total biomass). According to a frequency index, 26 species were designated as constant, 13 species as common and 16 species as rare. The highest number of species (max. 26 species m^{-2}) and number of individuals (2069 ind.m^{-2}) were found at station 4 in fall and summer and the lowest at station 1 in winter (min. 6 species m^{-2}; 8 ind. M^{-2}).


Temporal changes, Crustacea, diversity, Black Sea, Turkey

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