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Different habitat types chosen from Kasnak Oak Forest Nature Reserve (Isparta, Turkey) and 3 plots with vegetation structure, were studied comparatively with Alticinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) species composition, its richness and abundance. The study was conducted between the months of April and October at 15-day intervals during 2005 and 2006. Sixty-six sets of data were obtained during the survey, including 22 samplings for each plot. A total of 2650 individuals belonging to 57 species were recorded from the chosen plots. Species richness estimators were used to measure the completeness of the inventories. Values predicted by different non-parametric estimators showed that further sampling effort is needed in the region to assess the actual Alticinae diversity. However, as the species richness of the chosen plots was close to completeness, a superficial comparison could be made in terms of diversity. According to Shannon-Wiener, Simpson and Berger-Parker indices of diversity obtained from 2-year data, forest area dominated by vulcanic oak (VOF) was the most diverse plot followed closely by shrub and meadow lands (SML). Cluster analyses using Jaccard and Bray-Curtis similarity indices revealed a relatively high degree of similarity between Alticinae communities in plots VOF and SML for the whole study period. Similar to species diversity, open areas near roadside (OAR) had lower similarity percentages as compared with the other 2 plots.


Alticinae, biodiversity, species richness, completeness, similarity, abundance, Kasnak Oak Forest, Turkey

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