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Rumen contents obtained from 10 adult domestic sheep (Ovis ammon aries L.) at a slaughterhouse in Lapethos-Kyrenia (Girne), Northern Cyprus were surveyed for entodiniid ciliate protozoa. As a result of our survey 27 species, including 33 forms, were identified. An unusual form of Entodinium was observed in 2 sheep and is described as a new species, E. cypriensis sp. nov. Its relationship to similar Entodinium species is discussed. This study also reports new host records for E. imai, E. oektemae, E. ogimotoi, E. quadricuspis, E. rectangulatum f. dubardi, and E. rostratum. Furthermore, we report for the second time the presence of E. biconcavum, E. costatum, E. dalli f. rudidorsospinatum, E. protuberans, E. rectangulatum f. lobosospinosum, E. simulans f. lobosospinosum, E. triacum f. dextrum, E. williamsi f. williamsi, and E. w. f. turcicum in sheep hosts. All species detected in this study are first reports in Cypriot sheep hosts. The entodiniid ciliate fauna of Cypriot domestic sheep appears to have greater diversity compared to those of sheep in different geographical locations (Turkey, China, Japan, Scotland, USA, Canada, and Alaska).


Ovis ammon aries, sheep, ciliate protozoa, Entodiniidae, fauna, rumen, Cyprus

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