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The histological changes of gonads were studied in Aphanius persicus from the Barm-e-Shoor spring (south of Iran). The gonads were extracted and prepared histologically. The maturity stage of each specimen was examined according to size and weight of gonad, degree of occupation in the body cavity, the type and number of germinal cells (in testis) and follicles (in ovary). We have described 5 sexual stages for females and 4 for males. The total length and body and gonad weight of each specimen increased with increasing maturity stages. In females, the appearance of ripe oocytes was in stage IV and V from November to May. Male´s maturity was seen in stage III and IV from October to April. Therefore, the spawning period of female A. persicus is from May to November and for males it is from April to October. A. persicus has a long period of spawning, so it is a batch spawner.


Aphanius persicus, ovary, testis, histology, Iran, Middle East

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