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The present study reports the banding patterns (G- and C-banding) of chromosomes of Cricetulus migratorius from Central Anatolia. Karyotype of C. migratorius comprised (2n) 22 chromosomes. The number of chromosomal arms (FN) was 44 and the number of autosomal arms (FNa) was 40. Subtelocentric X and Y chromosomes were very similar in size, but they differed on G- and C-banding patterns. Most autosomes in this species were C-negative. Pair no. 4 had very small centromeric C-bands, autosome no. 8 possessed an under-centromeric heterochromatin block, and the distal part of chromosome no. 9 had a C-positive band. The Y chromosomes had an entirely heterochromatic long arm. The X chromosome possessed a very large under-centromeric block of heterochromatin.

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