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Morphometric measurements and color-pattern features of 62 samples of Mauremys rivulata from the Lake District (Göller Bölgesi) and the Mediterranean Region of Turkey were compared. Between populations, males apparently differed in 10 characters and females in 12 characters (independent t-test), but coefficient of difference (CD) values for these characters were not significant, and sexes were combined into a single group and compared with Aegean M. rivulata with respect to morphometric features. The greatest straight carapace length (SCL) observed in a male and female Aegean specimen was 215.0 mm and 214.0 mm, respectively. This paper also provides the first record of M. rivulata in Lake Eğirdir of the Lake District. Mauremys rivulata specimens were captured in Sakçagözü-Kömürler (Gaziantep) on the easternmost border of the study site, whereas no M. capica specimens were encountered in the area.


Testudines, Geoemydidae, Mauremys rivulata, morphology, distribution, Turkey

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