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This study was performed to determine Ptenoglossa species (Mollusca, Gastropoda) distributed along the Turkish coastline of the Aegean Sea. The examination of samples, taken between 1995 and 2005 from various biotopes and depths up to 300 m, yielded 249 specimens and 130 shells, belonging to 33 ptenoglossate species, of which Monophorus thiriotae Bouchet 1984, Similiphora similior (Bouchet and Guillemot 1978), Cerithiopsis diadema Monterosato 1874, Cerithiopsis jeffreysi Watson 1885, Krachia tiara (Monterosato 1874), Punctiscala cerigothana (Sturani 1896), Melanella boscii (Payraudeau 1826), and Nanobalcis nana (Monterosato 1878) were unrecorded from the Turkish coasts. Furthermore, M. thiriotae and K. tiara are new reports for the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea fauna, respectively. This study also elucidates ecological characteristics of the species found and their distribution along the Turkish coasts. The photographs of newly reported species for the Turkish mollusc fauna are also given.


Gastropoda, Ptenoglossa, Aegean Sea, ecology, distribution

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