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The Greater Noctule, Nyctalus lasiopterus, was recorded from southwestern Turkey for the third time. The dorsal fur of the Greater Noctule, which also covers the underpart of the wing membrane, along with the forearm and propatagium, is uniformly dark brown. The cranium shows typical characteristics of the noctule bats. In addition to these, the exoccipital is convex and is markedly visible in the planar view of the skull. There is a small depression mid braincase. The dental formula is i: 2, c: 1, pm: 1, m: 3/i: 3, c: 1, pm: 2, m: 3 = 32. The diploid number of chromosomes and the number of chromosomal arms are 2n = 42 and FN = 54, respectively.


Nyctalus lasiopterus, distribution, morphology, karyology, Turkey

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