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The authors investigated the occurrence of fungi and fungus-like organisms (chromistan organisms) growing on dead Moina macrocopa specimens in 3 bodies of water of varied trophicity. Dead specimens of the crustacean Moina macrocopa, fish feed in aquaculture in countries of the Mediterranean basin, were used as bait. In all, 55 species were identified on the Moina macrocopa specimens, including 42 chromistan organisms and 13 fungus species. Of the 42 chromistan organisms, 13 are known as parasites or necrotrophs of fish species. They included Achlya americana, Achlya debaryana, Achlya klebsiana, Saprolegnia ferax, Saprolegnia monoica, and Saprolegnia parasitica; all are known to frequently cause mycotic diseases in economically important fish populations. Dead specimens of Moina macrocopa should thus be regarded as vectors of aquatic chromistan organisms that induce mycosis in fish.


Moina macrocopa, fungi, fungus-like organisms, mycosis in fish

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