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In this study, 510 samples of Capoeta trutta living in Karakaya Dam Lake were studied. After determining sex distribution, size (length and weight), growth rates, and growth conditions factors of 210 C. trutta specimens were examined. The number of female and male specimens was 104 and 106, respectively. The age of females and males ranged between 1-7 and 0-7 years, respectively. The age-length, age-weight, and length-weight curves were constructed. According to the von Bertalanffy equation, females and males were: L_t = 89.5[1-e^{-0.0571(t+2.4138))}], W_t = 9627.1[1-e^{0.0571(t+2.4238))}]^{3.0325} L_t = 76.4[1-e^{-0.0604(t+2.6514))}], W_t = 5207.2[1-e^{0.0604(t+2.6514))}]^{2.9322}, respectively . The calculated length-weight relation (W) was 0.0116 L^{3.0325} for females and 0.0115 L^{2.9322} for males. The average growth condition factor was 1.30 ± 0.06 for females and 1.28 ± 0.05 for males. The reproductive characteristics of C. trutta female specimens were investigated. According to gonadosomatic index (I_{G}) results the development of egg diameter was determined for a spawning period in May and June. It was found that maturity age of the specimens was 2 and 3. The maximum diameter of ripe eggs was 1.04 mm and the maximum number of eggs per gram of gonads was 666.


Capoeta trutta, Karakaya Dam Lake, growth, reproduction properties

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