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This study was carried out to determine the ornithofauna of Lake Karakuyu, which is located in the Inner-West Toros surroundings of the Lakes Region and in Dinar district of Afyonkarahisar province. The study area is an artificial lake and it has Wildlife Protection Area status. During the study period from August 2004 to July 2005, a total of 74 bird species belonging to 31 families were observed in the area. The status of these species is as follows: 24 residents, 7 winter migrants, 22 summer migrants, and 21 transit migrants. To show the national and international importance of Lake Karakuyu, the numbers of threatened bird species are compared with the Red Data Book of Turkey (total 38 threatened species: A.1.2 = 1, A.2 = 9, A.3 = 15, A.4 = 1) and the International Nature Conservation Union (IUCN) categories (none of the species is endangered). According to the statistical data, among the other lakes in the Lakes Region, Lake Karakuyu and Lake Kovada were the most similar with regard to bird species.


The Lakes Region, birds, ornithofauna, Lake Karakuyu

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