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Growth parameters and mortality rates of the Barbus tauricus escherichi population inhabiting in Yeşildere Stream were investigated. In particular, age and size distributions, asymptotic growth, and mortality rates by age group classes were estimated. A total of 304 B. t. escherichi specimens were sampled between June 2001 and July 2002. The population consisted of 5 age classes (i.e. 0 to IV) with minimum and maximum sizes of 5 cm to 23 cm in total length. The mean growth parameters were determined as L_{infinity} = 26.63 cm, K = 0.274, and t_0 = -1.009 with the scale method and as L_{infinity} = 27.11 cm, K = 0.267, t_0 = -1.117, and Z = 1.06 with the Bhattacharya method.

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