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Rana holtzi, which is only known from Karagöl at altitude 2500 m and Çinigöl at altitude 2600 m, was determined from Eğrigöl for the first time at altitude 3000 m. Thus, the distribution range of R. holtzi in the Bolkar Mountains was extended. In addition, specimens of Rana macrocnemis were recorded from Seviçova (2500 m a.s.l.), located in the Bolkar Mountains near Ereğli (Konya), for the first time. Furthermore, the village of Örtülü (Maden, Elazığ), where specimens of Rana macrocnemis were captured, is determined to be southernmost distribution point of R. macrocnemis. Mountain frog specimens captured from new localities were compared in terms of significant taxonomical features with regard to the literature. In addition, ecological observations of localities where specimens were captured were determined.


Rana holtzi, Rana macrocnemis, new locality

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