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The reproductive biology and postnatal development of Microtus rossiaemeridionalis were investigated based on field and laboratory observations. This vole preferred humid meadows, and its burrow was complex with several entrances. The breeding season of this species was between December and October, and lasted 11 months. Pregnancy lasted 20-21 days, and average litter size was 5. The first mating was observed in a captive female at an age of 35 days, and other females subsequently mated at 40, 42, 60, and 70 days. Young were weaned at 17 days. The growth rate of weight was 0.45 g/day between birth and day 13, 1 g/day between days 18 and 24, and decreased thereafter. Length of specimens reached adult size within 45 days, whereas tail length, ear length, and weight reached adult size at 37 days, and hind foot length at 30 days.


Microtus rossiaemeridionalis, reproduction biology, Turkey

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