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The migration and some bio-ecological characteristics of a house martin (Delichon urbica) population, which has established colonies under bridges over the Kızılırmak River near Köprüköy village (Kırıkkale), were investigated in 2003 and 2004. These house martins were observed from the beginning of April to the first week of September, when they migrated south. According to the specimens examined, mean measurements of total length, wingspan, and weight were recorded as 133.5 mm, 279.5 mm, and 15.5 g, respectively. Mean measurements and weights of the nests were 12.5 mm long x 9 mm wide x 6 mm high, and 425 g. The first clutch was observed in May, the first offspring appeared during the first week of June, and litter size varied from 1 to 4. The mean weight of eggs was 1.6 g; the total body length and weight of a hatchling were 6 mm and 0.83 g. It was also found that the house martin had a maximum of 2 clutches during the breeding season.


Migration, breeding, Delichon urbica, Turkey

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